Sunday, December 26, 2010

Long Green skirts: served best during the holidays!


Am I the only person who thinks this Nightvision picture is super cool? lol
My doggy, Massimo!

Maxi Green Silk Skirt- Vintage (Crossroads)
Drape Top- it's actually a body-con dress! Vintage 
Brown leather Belt- Ralph Lauren
Cheetah Print Cardigan- Lucky Brand 
 Fierce Black Boots- F21!

Dear Reader,
Happy Holidays to you, I hope it was joyous! My holidays were pretty yummy- literally, I've been eating myself out of house and home- and I've got the jeans im not fitting into to prove it. Holiday 15? Check!
This weekend, my dear friend Kaz hosted a holiday party at his beautiful house, and while there I felt I was in the "holiday spirit", for the first time all December! It was one of those parties where everyone knew everyone, but none of us had seen eachother in a long time- so it was just a wonderful evening, in the company of wonderful friends! Observation:Almost everyone there was dressed in shades of red,  green, white, and silver- the perfect holiday wardrobe colors! I wore this green silk maxi skirt I got earlier this week. Vintage find! Yaya! And the black booties i ordered from the Forever 21 website a couple weeks ago- I love themmm!! BUT im getting the heel altered- i think the boot is so fierce to be sitting on those puny heels. You know?
Anywho, my holidays were chill, spent with my boyfriend and my dog, watching movies, and drinking too many cups of hot chocolate. Different than the big family Christmas' I'm used to, but wonderful nonetheless.
  Till next time, friend!
Xx Amelia

p.s. Estilo Secreto- Tucking in a slim/tight top into a high waist skirt, and masking the divide with a great belt can turn a top and skirt into an amazing dress! Also, if you're wearing a top that is low cut, try using Hollywood Fashion Tape to make sure your top doesn't reveal your chesticals! Pulling-a-Tara Reid is not on the list of goals for 2011. xx

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