Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday is the Best Day!





Blazer- Goodwill thrifted
Necklace- It's an owl claw cast, dipped in brass (Fairfax flea market)
Zip-up corset- Anti-Flirt (Paris)
Leather knickers- Target (!!!)
Platform shoes- Tory Burch

Dear reader, I love the holidays so much! I'm heading out to a friends holiday/birthday party so i wore this bright red blazer- it's so festive, no? In Los Angeles its been so cooolld, and then right when i get excited to start pulling out my to-die-for vintage fur, i wake up and it's sunny with a high of 75!-Damn you, global warming! I mean, I'm wearing tank tops in December. Alas, in LA LA land, Hot days= perfect weather nights! Thus, i pull out my go-to blazers, somewhere in btwn a tank top and a winter fur, and all is right with the world again.
estilo secreto: blazers are perfect for staying warm without looking like you're trying to stay warm! A thin cardigan underneath the blazer, that can't be seen from outside (unless you want it to!) will keep you inconspicuously toasty ;]
xx Amelia

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  1. i wander why I m reading all that u hav written but it was fun!!!